X5s gimbal, 15mm and 45mm lenses. Dual controllers. Apple ProRes activated.

The Inspire 2 can create beautiful cinematic images, flying with prime lenses on the X5s gimbal. With the ability to record to industry standard Apple ProRes 422 HQ and Apple ProRes 4444 XQ it is possible to capture high resolution images in a codec that can easily fit into your editing workflow.

Great results can be achieved with solo operation, but twin controllers also allows for a gimbal operator to work alongside the pilot for particularly complicated moves.

Under 250g, 4K resolution (3840×2160), landscape and portrait mode.

The Mini 4 Pro is one of the most versatile drones on the market, combining a tiny form factor with impressively good quality images. Because it is under 250g under UK and EU regulations it can be flown with no horizontal separation, allowing it to be used in a wide variety of locations.

The 4K resolution images at 150mbps are broadcast quality, but the camera can also rotate through 90 degrees to give a true vertical image at the highest resolution, which can be useful for creating high quality social media content. And for matching with other cameras the 10 bit D-Log M allows for a flatter image for colour grading in post production.

We can supply crew and equipment for ground filming as well as aerial, and our lead pilot, Patrick Steel, is also a camera operator shooting with a Sony FX6 and a range of prime and zoom lenses, which can be matched easily to both the Inspire 2 and the Mini 4. We can also supply gimbals, dolly track, teleprompter, Eye Direct, and a range of soft and hard lights.

For jobs that need equipment beyond the standard set up, we have accounts with a number of rental companies across the UK and insurance to cover hired-in equipment. And for those jobs that require a bigger scale production, we have a network of freelance crew across the UK who we can call on, from art directors to make up artists to B-Cam operators.

We offer edit facilities and a professional editor working with Macbook Pro running Adobe Suite and DaVinci Resolve Studio.

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